All the greatest journeys begin with one small step; that is why we welcome all changes, which we believe should be made easier by technology and made accessible to all people.

It should never be an obstacle.

Therefore we have structured our product and service offer to financial institutions around the type of changes we would like to see.


Our projects combine customized and integrated solutions with the offer provided by our partners plus our own internally developed product range, which is easily adjusted, hence ensuring a faster and more competitive deployment.

Core Solutions

Provide Simple Solutions for Complex Operations focused on People.

Deliver simplicity on high complex operations, through the use of technology, business knowledge and user experience, making operations efficient, reliable and secure.

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Digital Transformation

Delivering effective user experience for customers and employees to drive revenue, reduce costs, and foster meaningful engagement. Through lean business design and open integration we are able to leverage your legacy systems to drive strategic transformation, helping you compete as a digitally empowered bank.

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Regulatory Technology (RegTech)

Technology that enables the delivery of regulatory requirements more efficiently and effectively. RegTech has the potential to enable a close to real-time regulatory regime allowing for a much better risk identification and efficient regulatory compliance. At Novabase, we believe that a better understanding of what drives a market’s regulatory framework is key to successfully disrupting it. 

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Professional Services

We offer a wide array of professional services to ensure our clients’ immediate and long-term success.
With over 25 years of experience delivering professional services around the world, we bring a unique mix of software accelerators, frameworks and knowledge to meet our client’s needs. 

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