The road to simpler & happier


At Novabase we’re not afraid of our dreams: yes, we do want to change the world. 


Because we want it to be simpler, we simplify our own way of doing things. Because we want it to be moved by knowledge, we are insatiably curious.

Because we want it smaller, we think big. Because we want it happier, we cultivate our enthusiasm every day. Yes, we do want to change the life of millions. But for that, we know we need to start with ourselves.

where all begins

Helping improve the day-to-day of millions of people is a path that never ends, but we know where it begins: at home


Ideas that make life simpler bloom more easily where there is cooperation and creativity. And the ambition to improve the world, project by project, can only persist where enthusiasm is more powerful than stress. For all these reasons, our working environment isn’t secondary: it is strategic for our growth and competiveness. We know what internal climate we desire – one with cooperation, self-realisation, enthusiasm.

We also know everything that conspires against it: deadlines, competition, our own frustrations and difficulties in communicating.

Luckily, we can also conspire on it. At Novabase we have decided to do it by creating a coaching culture: a way of viewing leadership that focuses on everyone’s growth, on the ability to actively listen – helping others clarify options and make their own choices – and on constant feedback. Feedback that doesn’t have to be formal: it happens at any moment and in both directions, so that leaders and those they lead are always increasing their understanding of one another. Creating a culture that is aligned with our vision is such an important goal that we have been supporting it with internal programs attended by hundreds of people in leadership positions.

It’s a high return investment, because it enhances our most important assets:

talent, competence and motivation of those who work with us to constantly improve.

Our values

Our value reflects our comitment:

I give


A promise to commitment, dedication, integrity and happiness.

I listen


A willingness to listen to others, with attention, and to learn.

I care


An ability to connect everything, with anything, to join talents, to cross viewpoints, to feel different roles and perspectives.

I grow


A desire to grow and make grow, to meet and exceed, and to deliver astonishing results.

It is the statement of our values, our principles, transformed in to action.

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