Always presents

Every day we contribute to simplify the lives of millions of people, being present in their day to day in ways that cannot even imagine.

We develop systems that pay wages to hundreds of thousands of people.


And through our ticketing systems around the word, we arrive at 730 millions of passengers per year.

We work every day with areas like sustainability, smart grids and renewable energy, to leave our impression for a more efficient and sustainable world.


We are in the heart of systems that process payments of more than 19 million of credit and debit cards.

We transform the relationship of the telecom operators with their millions of clients in countries of Europe, Africa and Middle East and with our contact center solutions we answer to millions of calls in countries of South America, Asia and Africa.


In the education

we have a role not only in the professional development, but also in the accessibility and democratization of access to the training.

With our education solutions there are more than 400 courses and 200.000 students taking advantage of 1 million hours of study per year.

Our infrastructures

are unique and ensure the operations of banks, governments and telecom operators. We help organizations becoming more efficient with more than 150 terabytes of emails migrated to the cloud, and more 1500 square meters of data centers implemented.  


we’ve already monitored more than 300.000 machines in 18 countries, ensuring the safety and the rest of our clients.

And we continue to expand our presence in the world.


And contribute every day to make the lives of people and companies simpler and happier. 

With over 2400 employees from 17 different nationalities


and with projects in about 40 countries, we’re pioneer and leaders in innovation, putting people in the center of all the solutions we develop.

And we are proud of being an involved partner. Being with you wherever you are.

From Portugal to Algeria. From Ghana to Kenya. From Angola to Mozambique. From Spain to Holland and Sweden. From United Kingdom to Ireland. From Turkey to Qatar. From Mexico to Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina. From Malaysia to Singapore and from South Africa to Tanzania.

These are just some of the places where we’ve been through in the last 12 months, with our projects.