Being where life begins

Managing patient care efficiently


The maternity ward is literally where it all starts. Directly or indirectly, we have all shared unforgettable moments there, when expectation and anxiety are at extreme levels.

Being responsible for patient and clinical files management at world-class obstetrics and neonatology services, we support hundreds of clinical episodes a day, assuring 100% information availability, even in the most urgent situations.

That’s how we help bring thousands of new citizens to the world every year.


An example of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) which is particularly dear to us.

Novabase healthcare systems track record:


€10,000,000,000+ public budgets, per year

500+ hospitals and primary care units

Generations in motion

Novabase Social Care solutions track record:

€2,500,000,000+ benefits paid per year

3,000,000+ active beneficiaries

10,000+ cooperation agreements with non-governmental organizations

Beneficiary and pension management


Working for more than 20 years in this area, Novabase has touched the lives of millions of people. And we are proud of our contribution in shaping citizenship.

It’s been a demanding journey, given the very large dimension and diversity involved. But our solutions, based on  state-of-the-art architectures and methodologies, lived up to every challenge.

Aiming higher

Education in and beyond the classroom


Novabase is known for developing cutting-edge learning experiences. By incorporating technology in teaching methodologies we have developed effective and attractive systems for today’s digital generation, allowing us to reach more people.

Our eLearning courses are already used in universities, public agencies and companies in different countries. By combining our distinctive Learning Process Design Methodology with appealing 2D and 3D contents, we maximized the effectiveness of remote synchronous and self-learning studies.

To achieve a higher level of effectiveness

we integrate these with conventional classroom teaching, leading to the Blended Learning, Mobile Learning and Online Campus concepts, which are clear trends worldwide.

Novabase eLearning track record


400+ courses

200.000+ students

1.000.000+ hours of study per year

Life in action

eGov solutions for citizens and companies

Life changing events such as getting married or opening a company, can be overshadowed by too much bureaucracy. Leveraging all the potential of web portals, business process management (BPM) and systems integration we ensure that it won’t happen.

Novabase eGov track record:

1 hour time required to create a company or a trademark

Best practice award European

Union’s e-Government Benchmark - Company Portal project

A matter of trust

Novabase has a very active role in the effort of postal operators to reinvent their business. 

We developed a mobile application that uses state-of-the-art Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies to allow postmen to collect

and update trustable geo-referenced address marketing characterization. After all, who knows the day to day reality of each place better than the postman?

Reinventing the Postal Service

Novabase postal solutions track record

50,000+ customers served per hour

Welcome to the future

Powering the European Patent Office


By granting thousands of patents each year, the European Patent Office (EPO) manages, quite literally, our future.

Its 5,000 patent examiners have to carefully examine the applications that arrive daily from around the world. Our User Experience expertise makes their workplace productive, intuitive and appealing.

X-ray of a country


Measuring population and housing


The inventory of a nation. That’s what we did when the Portuguese State chose Novabase to implement the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) campaign for the preparation and execution of Population and Housing Census.

With 10.5 million registered persons,


50% online answers and 71 million digitalized forms, we were responsible for the online solution, the processing of physical forms and the consolidation of final results.

Novabase census solution track record:


50%+ paperless forms collected

100,000,000+ form pages processed

A budget for growth


Managing the State Budget in Ghana


With over 25 million inhabitants and a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growing at more than 20% per year in the last 10 years, Ghana is one of the top-ten fastest growing economies in the world.

In this demanding scenario Ghana’s government entrusted Novabase with the implementation of its new tool to manage the State Budget.

Using the most advanced technology of Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM), this process includes the entire planning and control cycles.

Lines that can’t be crossed

Supporting investigators and inspectors


Law enforcement processes often require the gathering of vast amounts of information from very different sources, organized in the most diverse ways. Based on state-of-the-art Big Data techniques, our solutions already process billions of information items per year.

Ranging from tax evasion to international trading, we cover the different needs of various types of investigation, from online training to managing the integration of a single data repository, common to all police forces.