Into the 21st Century


We revolutionized the relationship between one of the largest banks of Angola and its clients.

Through business systems and information technologies, including innovating solutions for customer relationship, we provided tools and financial products that made this bank more agile and efficient.



A transformation towards modernity that allows it to launch leading products and services into the market.

Helping businesses grow

We supported the rapid expansion of the network branch of a Mozambican bank.

We set up the infrastructure and helped to communicate, to increase proximity to its customers.In a sustained growth, fast paced yet flawless. Closer.

Simultaneously, from our Agile Center located in Portugal, highly qualified professionals accompany this IT infrastructure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are able to anticipate and prevent potential problems and guarantee the maintenance and upgrade of the platforms. Maintaining the infrastructure permanently updated and adjusted to the reality of the bank.

We are with the client, always. Even from a distance.

Managing every cent


We help families save.

We developed, for a Portuguese bank, a solution where, from a simple account statement, it is possible for the clients to manage their personal expenses. It allows them to gain more control over their finances. It’s easy, intuitive and accessible. It does what we like to do best: place technology at the service of people and their needs.

Dimension and Agility

For anyone visiting Portugal, one of the good surprises (besides the “Pastel de Nata”) is the ease of finding an ATM on every corner.

Portuguese are the Europeans with the highest volume of card payments. No wonder they have one of the world’s most advanced electronic payments systems.

The Portuguese Payments System, as one of the major payments processor in Europe, manages 14,000 ATMs, 274,000 POS terminals, 19 million cards, online payments and phone payments, check clearing and cards.

When it reaches this scale, the question is: 

How do you keep the pace of innovation that made this an international reference?

How can you maintain a system with more than 25 years, always one step ahead of customer expectations?

The answer:


with competence - and a good technology partner. Throughout these years, our client could count with Novabase expertise.

With a quick response even in large dimension and high risk projects, Novabase has provided a broad, large scale, yet flexible support to its customers. Just as they did, to their customers, turning this into one of the most reliable payments system in Europe.

For a paperless bank

Covering the documentation of all business applications, this paperless solution has transformed the bank into a more integrated and agile institution. With each business area self-sufficient to manage their own processes, drawing and publishing forms. Being a major bank has advantages and challenges. And without the weight of thousands of papers, thanks to a project that IBM itself considered as a world reference, it’s easier to be left only with the advantages.

Being a bank with over 1000 branches and numerous service brings advantages - but also challenges. One, is dealing with 600 types of forms - which, up until now meant a pile of paper and manual work for one of the largest Portuguese banks.

To release him of that burden was Novabase’s challenge. And what a challenge.

Migrate to digital support all of the legacy information. Automate workflows and integrate business applications. All, of course, with the most absolute reliability and safety, as these are critical processes to the branches. And fast. And so we did! At a pace of 700,000 documents per month, in four months the project was  complete.

We set up a factory for the dematerialization of forms. We created mechanisms of secure distribution to all branches, in Portugal, Europe and Latin America.

Unfolding the benefits


Products such as Factoring and Confirming, bring advantages both for banks and their business clients.

For the customer, in addition to financing it represents a management tool. It reduce administrative costs, stabilizes the treasury, and decrease the risk of friction and charges.

For banks, these products represent an extremely secure revenue source. And, giving access not only to the customer’s business operation, as well as their trading partners, they are also powerful business attraction mechanisms.

But there is a catch. With so many companies involved, these chain operations become quite complex, difficult to implement and operate.

Adopted by reference banks in Portugal, the application built by Novabase, allowed a 250% increase in BBVA operating margin, and more than doubled, in one year, the bank’s Factoring market share.

NbCredit incorporates the know-how of Novabase with banks of every size and dimensions.What does this mean? A fast implementation. Full support in the business model definition.