Everything clear

Electricity companies, believe it or not, spent decades having to manage in the dark.

They had clients like Miguel, who one night pressed the switch and there’s no light. Feeling around in the dark, he finds the phone and complains. “Thanks for letting us know”, responds the company. Rightly so: otherwise they would not have noticed the shortage.

They apologise, but they don’t even need to: they have plenty of excuses. Managing millions of consumers is complicated. In addition to that, managing millions of delivery points, thousands of distribution plants, countless sources of energy, is a job and a half.

These are two complex networks: the electricity’s and the clients’. And to complicate matters, they didn’t use to speak to each other, which explains so many misunderstandings. More production than consumption, generating waste. More consumption than production, generating power cuts. 

Less billing than consumption, generating loss.

Novabase’s Utility Insight came to change all this.

First, it treats each of these networks in an integrated way. On one hand, the consumers’ life cycle, on other, the electricity grid, now intelligent: it transmits, in addition to energy, information, and in both directions. It can raise an alert of an outage as well as commanding equipment at a distance.

Even better, both systems are now connected. The mountains of data that they generate are transformed into knowledge, allowing them not only to react in real time but to foresee any occurrence as well.

The result: when he presses the switch, Miguel no longer needs to call the company. And it isn’t because his intelligent switchboard gave the alert. With Utility Insight it wasn’t necessary: the power failure was expected and avoided. And no one was left in the dark.