A creative and innovative methodology that puts people at the centre of solutions.

A new way of thinking and solving problems, focussed on empathy and cooperation.

The 5 stages of design thinking


Step into someone else’s shoes.


See the world through their eyes. Suffer when they suffer. Be happy when they are happy.

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Get to the root of the problem. 


Get to the root of the problem. Understand complexity, and chip away until you arrive at the simplest formulation.

Distil the problem by reducing it to its most essential definition – the one reflecting the point of view of who needs the solution.​​

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Generate ideas. Drop the moorings and go in search of new seas. 


Search for and accept strange, even unviable ideas as a natural process.

Listen to the ideas of others. Explore new places and eagerly embrace idea diversity. Mix ideas, quickly and furiously, imagining scenarios for them.​

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Think with your hands.


Show an idea in a physical format. Build to think better. Visualise the thought.

Numb the analytical mind and let your eyes and hands work on the prototype to find relationships and patterns.


Take an idea to a higher level.​

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Collect feedback.

Abandon our convictions and learn from others. Observe without influencing the results.

Capture the good and the bad. Listen more than talk. Learn from the results.

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