• Co-browse
    Online collaboration solution

    Co-browse is a web collaboration tool that allows agents to assist customers in finding information or performing actions at a website.

    - Minimize cancellation of online transactions.
    - Make online forms easier to complete.
    - Optimize contact center costs.

    Value proposition 
    - Improve customer satisfaction in online channels through a collaborative solution focusing on real-time online support.
    - Allow agents to guide customers in finding specific information or completing complex online forms.
    - Improve user experience to reduce web site abandonment and increase online transaction rates.
    Solution Description
    Often times, customers shy away from this type of investment due to various functional and technical requirements associated with these types of tools. To deal
    with adherence issues associated with more common tools, Novabase has developed a Co-browse solution with the following features:

    - Modular solution that can be integrated with any customer service communication channel already existing at an organization.
    - Web 2.0 solution to monitor and control a webpage, using only JavaScript technology to ensure compatibility with multiple browsers.
    - There is no need to change any HTML content of the pages where the solution will be deployed.
    - The monitoring does not require any exceptions to firewalls between the browsers of the customer and the agent; commands and content are sent through HTTP/HTTPS connections.
  • - Customers are aware of the session status (waiting for agent, connected to agent(s), etc.); the areas to be edited by agents are highlighted dynamically, and customers can control the Co-browse session through “Agent mouse display” and “Agent can interact” options.

    Detailed information about the solution