Novabase Capital

Project Application

  • The projects to be analyzed will undergo various phases within a sequence of selection procedures. These phases were designed to identify projects in advance that do not possess adequate profitability potential, or where potential risk exceeds the established level.
    Preliminary Analysis of the Opportunity
    Confirmation of the level of alignment with the fund’s investment objectives, performing a preliminary analysis on the aspects of innovation, market alignment and potential risk. If the project does not meet any of the established criteria, the promoters are informed of the decision and the measures considered necessary for the project’s eventual reformulation.
    Business Plan Analysis
    Detailed evaluation of the project’s business plan and financial statements from the last two years, if applicable. The value proposition, level of innovation in terms of the offering, process and/or service, curricula of promoters and management team, technologies used, marketing and commercial strategy and potential risk, among other key aspects, are evaluated.
  • Meetings with Promoters and Management Team
    Evaluation of expertise, skills and experience of promoters and management team, their resilience vis-à-vis challenges, commitment to the business plan and alignment with the fund’s strategic objectives.
    If there is a positive assessment by the evaluation team, the respective investment project will be submitted to the Board of Directors, which will decide upon approval of the business, the amounts to be allocated and the conditions to be met.
    Having Novabase Capital as a partner has optimized Manchete’s management practices, essential to the company’s professionalization. Starting as a family company, we have become a success story on the Portuguese business scene. Novabase Capital played and continues to play a very important role in this history, providing us with services and professionals
    that otherwise would be difficult to obtain by a
    company of Manchete’s size.

    Fátima Rebelo, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Manchete – Estudos, Tratamento e Gestão da Informação, SA