• 2011-07-11 |

    OneWorkforce at BPI bank

    João works at the contact centre of a national bank. He starts at 8:00 am and finishes at 3:00 pm. Pedro works with João, but starts at 4:00 pm and finishes at 8:00 pm. Isabel is their colleague and works the night shift. She starts at 8:00 pm and finishes at 2:00 am. Patricia, who during the previous day had worked the morning shift, is working the afternoon shift this week. Managing the schedules and shifts of these employees efficiently is no easy task. This was BPI’s challenge

    The customer comes first

    BPI is the third largest private Portuguese financial group, with more than 1.3 million customers in Portugal. The need to improve customer service led BPI to choose COLLAB, a Novabase subsidiary, to optimize work management at its contact centre.

    This project began production in 2010, and has established ambitious goals from the start: efficiently and smartly manage the schedules and shifts of 100 agents working simultaneously.

    The goal was fully achieved using the OneWorkforce platform developed by COLLAB. Time spent on planning and generating schedules was reduced, and concrete needs

    were detected that led to new rotating schedules of agents during the night time period and maintaining shifts between days off.

    In order to meet the bank’s complex requirements – up until then handled by less efficient internal processes, and at greater cost – the OneWorkforce product was equipped with the best forecast, planning and real-time monitoring algorithms.

    Using this technology, the bank was also able to reduce various existing manual processes, in addition to the time needed to plan and create schedules. Activity reports began being generated automatically, along with historical data analysis, with the ability to make management forecasts for future schedules.

  • Finally, because the solution is technically compatible with other platforms, it was possible to reduce deployment costs, and therefore the final price.

    “COLLAB’s know-how and level of commitment, the proposed innovative features, solution design and ability to integrate different elements of our reality were some of the key factors that led us to choose the COLLAB product,” says Pedro Amorim, Director of New Channels at BPI bank.

    According to Pedro Rodrigues, Chief Operating Officer at COLLAB, “We are so pleased to see our solution recognized for its innovation, features, architecture and usability. Our commitment to BPI involves addressing the challenges of the present, while laying the groundwork needed for it to compete in the future more successfully,
    and to its full potential.”

    OneWorkforce: home-grown talent

    The OneWorkforce platform was created in 2009, the result of a strategic partnership between COLLAB, some key customers that supported the product’s initial creation phase (Europassistance and Contact) and a group of university researchers, with the aim of deploying the first large-scale sales force management project with 100% Portuguese technology.

    It is divided into various modules that address most workforce management requirements. They include historical data analysis and the extrapolation of forecasts, staffing and schedule management operations, as well as
    real-time monitoring and reporting.

    They also include a WHAT-IF scenario analysis area where managers can simulate and view the impact of certain changes, and the extent to which they impact contact centre performance.

    Its simple and effective web architecture and graphic interface ensure quicker work processes. Its forecasts are also very adaptable and efficient.

    OneWorkforce consists of the OnePortal, OneForecast, OnePlan, OneMonitor, OneBackOffice, and Reporting modules.