• 2013-03-18 | Novabase

    Novabase is back to PSI-20

    The company is once again in the main index of the Lisbon stock exchange. Novabase is the only IT company of the 20 largest companies quoted on the Portuguese stock exchange.

    As of today, Novabase is back to the PSI-20, the main Portuguese stock index. Six years after leaving it, the company is once again in the list of the 20 largest companies of the country, as a result of the liquidity of its securities which have increased 30% in 2013.

    According to Luís Paulo Salvado, CEO of Novabase, “this return signifies a double recognition: of Novabase’s worth and the merit of its trajectory, but also of the IT sector, which is now represented in the country’s key index”. 

    The return to PSI-20 increases the visibility of Novabase’s securities which may increase of the liquidity of the company, with the arrival of new shareholders.

    Quoted in Euronext Lisbon since 2000, Novabase is the largest national company in information technologies. In 2012 its turnover surpassed 212 millions of euros, with 29% of its business outside Portugal. ​